Part One: Your Mindset

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October, in teacher-land, is known as the month of disillusionment, of teacher burnout, and as a long slog until the next break. And the kicker for those of us who are in-person who happen to teach middle school? Well, they get the bonus gift of Halloween. Halloween is the single-worst…

Call Them by the One They Choose

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Names can be tricky. In my first year of teaching, I was at a school comprised of two populations: White students from what remained of the pastoral horse ranches of Davie, FL, and Hispanic students who came to us from the encroaching tide…

What to buy when your furry friends are taking over

By Cindy Shapiro

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Like many other families, at the start of the pandemic, we adopted a dog. We already had two, but when we saw a picture of our Hunny Pot, a sweet bulldog mix, we couldn’t let her go. …

And why wouldn’t you want other teachers to use your ideas?

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I’ll never understand why some teachers are so resistant to sharing their work. I’ve heard things like, “But I spent all of that time making it. Why should I just give it to someone else to use?” And “But…

It could make all the difference

By Cindy Shapiro

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My very first year of teaching, I was asked if I could be an assistant coach for our school’s cheerleading squad. I answered before my filter could intervene: “Dear Lord, never, absolutely not.”

Clearly, I didn’t understand the importance of cheerleaders at that time.

Fast forward twenty…

A top-10 guide guaranteed to help you grow in your teaching practice.

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Every teacher has heard this joke:

What are three reasons why teachers teach?

Answer: June, July, and August

There is no doubt that summer is an important time for teachers — it’s a time to recharge, reconnect with family, and have some fun. But that doesn’t mean that teachers stop…

And what it takes to get teachers to stay

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Recently, I saw a teacher’s post on Facebook that she was leaving. Oh no, not another great one, I thought to myself. And that’s what prompted a new question that I posed to my teacher-friends:

Teacher-friends, if you are seriously considering leaving teaching at the end of this school year…

A Rumination on Grief

Photo by Mateusz Stępień on Unsplash

A robin’s nest tumbled to the ground last spring. It had been raining for days, in a way that it never rains out west. For days, the baby robins had been enduring the cold, relentless rain as their parents shepherded worms to their hungry beaks. The parents flew back and…

Tips from teachers to help you get the job you want.

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It’s funny how 30 minutes can determine your life’s path for years to come. …

This must change. This is not the way to create readers.

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The traditional way of using books in a class is this: the teacher chooses a book and assigns it to all students. Students read a certain number of pages per night and then take reading check quizzes when they arrive back in class in a day or two. At the…

Cindy Shapiro

Cindy Shapiro is long-time teacher living in Colorado. As founder of Teacher Says, a podcast and website ( she aims to elevate teachers’ voices.

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