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  • Sarah Marie

    Sarah Marie

    Just a curious person searching for answers about life, the world, and the universe. A little bit of everything: Science, space, books, life, self-care.

  • Kristin Donley

    Kristin Donley

  • JT MacDonald

    JT MacDonald

    First person asked to help hide the body. Last person asked to join a pick-up game. Throws parties to avoid embarrassment of forgetting host’s name.

  • Nathan Jacobson

    Nathan Jacobson

    Husband. Student. Teacher.

  • Alyssa Atkinson

    Alyssa Atkinson

    Ohio U XC/Track alum. I love to run. I blog about food, health, fitness, lifestyle, + more! My Links (Blog, YouTube, etc.): https://nomeatfastfeet.com/links/

  • Joseph M. Learned

    Joseph M. Learned

    A hobbyist writer with a love for academia.

  • Jordan David Allen

    Jordan David Allen

    Wisconsin-based Freelance Writer & Editor I Former Public School Teacher

  • Ivon Prefontaine PhD

    Ivon Prefontaine PhD

    PhD in Leadership Studies, educator, phenomenologist, scholar, consultant, boundary-crosser, poet, and author

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