Today’s Events Must Be Discussed in Every Classroom

What happened today at the Capitol in D.C. cannot, and should not, be avoided by teachers

Photo by Dustin Humes on Unsplash
  • Video clips and images of what happened at the Capitol and at the President’s rally nearby
  • Video of the President’s speech on Twitter
  • Video of Biden’s speech
  • Excerpts of an article from The New York Times or The Washington Post
  • What words were used to describe it, in the sources?
  • What did you notice about the President’s words? Did they have a positive or negative connotation?
  • What do the President’s words suggest to you?
  • What is a patriot?
  • What is a terrorist? How do we define terrorism?
  • Who should be held accountable, and what should the punishment be?

Cindy Shapiro is long-time teacher living in Colorado. As founder of Teacher Says, a podcast and website ( she aims to elevate teachers’ voices.

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